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Digital Terrain Model (DTM) Computations

Allows the creation of Digital Terrain Models (DTM) of unlimited size as well as the display of contours at any contour interval.

 Want to Move Mountains?
LISCAD provides both the capacity and power to do so with the powerful Terrain Modelling module.

LISCAD uses a unique geographical indexing process that gives speed and flexibility in processing digital terrain models.

There is no software limitation to the number of points that can be modelled.

Easily control which points and lines are to be included or excluded from the modelling process by selecting combinations of Groups (Layers), Blocks and the ability to disable objects. Modelling also can take into account different size data sets and uneven spread of elevation data and reports on any conditions that will result in erroneous digital terrain model formation.

Once the DTM is formed many editing functions can be performed such as adding and deleting contour labels, deletion of models and triangles and interpolation of elevations for existing points based on the model.

The digital terrain models formed can be used in the LISCAD Profiles and Design module for extracting long section and cross sections. They can also be used in the Volumes module for surface to surface, base plane and progressive base plane earthworks volume computations.

In conjunction with the Input/Output module, the digital terrain models formed can even be uploaded to data logger, GPS and total station land survey devices for stakeout in the field.

LISCAD also includes the following features:
LISCAD Surveying & Engineering Software

Digital Terrain Model (DTM) Computations and Contour Display

To view the Modelling Product Information in PDF format, select the following link, alternatively to download, right click and select "Save Target As":

Product Information (Size: 2144 KB)

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