Set AttributesSetting Text Attributes

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To set the attributes text.

  1. Select either Attributes/Set or the Set Attributes button from the toolbar.
  2. In the Attributes dialog box select the Text property page.
  3. In the Layer list, select which layer the text is to be placed.
  4. In the Font list, select which font the text is to be written in.
    In the text display field an example of the selected font is displayed.

    To use Windows True type Fonts the font needs to be installed for CAD. Press the Add Windows Font button to display the true type fonts installed on your computer and select the fonts you wish to use in LISCAD CAD.
    Note: Not all LISCAD CAD text attributes are applicable to true type fonts.
  5. Select the justification and the insertion point of the text from the Justification list.
    These settings will be reflected in the text display field as they are selected.
  6. Select a colour for the text from the 256 available in the Colour list.
  7. Enter the thickness of the lines that make up the text in the Line Width box.
    Note: If you have selected a true type font the line weight will be interpreted differently depending upon the capabilities of the font. In some cases it may have no effect in other cases a value greater than 0.0 may treat the font as bold or other increments in between.
  8. Enter the size, rotation and slant of the text in the Text Width, Text Height, Text Direction and Slant boxes.
    Note: If you have selected a true type font, if the Slant has been set to anything other than 0.0 the font will be treated as italic, if the font supports it.
  9. Select the spacing required between lines of text from the Line Spacing lists.
  10. Check the Underline box to underline the text.
  11. Check the Mask box if you want to mask the text such that other objects cannot obscure the text.
  12. Check the Proportional box if you want the spacing between characters in a word to look aesthetically pleasing. If this is not checked the characters will all be spaced equally, making it suitable for lining text up in columns.
    Note: If you have selected a true type font the proportional setting will have no effect as this is a fundamental property of the font selected.
  13. Select Ground or Plot depending upon the units you wish to use.
  14. Press OK to close the dialog box and save any changes made, alternatively press Cancel to close the dialog box without saving any changes.


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