CAD Output Co-ordinate Table Set CAD Output Photo Table

(This functionality is available with the Input / Output module)

Sets the format and appearance of a photo table which may be passed out to a CAD file via the CAD Output/Output command.

If the "Set for all codes" check box is selected in the photo table dialog box, then all points will be selected for inclusion in the table. Otherwise, the points which are to be contained in the photo table are governed by the settings in the CAD Output/Settings/Codes command.

The purpose of generating this type of table in a CAD file is to obtain a list of the photos with their names and descriptions.

The exact nature of the dialog box depends on which CAD system has been selected for output in the CAD Output Settings menu (i.e. LISCAD CAD, AutoCAD, or MicroStation).

Photo Table Dialog Box

Item Used to
Title Key in the name to be given to the photo table.
Text Select the output parameters for text.
Line Weight Set the line weight of the table lines that is output to a CAD system. For LISCAD CAD, the weight entered is the thickness of the line when plotted at the scale of the plan to be created. The value entered for weight depends on the Utilities/Configure/Units linear settings. For metres enter the weight in mm, otherwise enter the weight in inches.

For MicroStation, enter a value from 0 to 7. Please refer to the MicroStation documentation.

For AutoCAD, the line weight maybe selected ByLayer, ByBlock, the current AutoCAD drawing default line weight, or any of the predefined AutoCAD line weights available in the dropdown list. Please refer to the AutoCAD's documentation.
Colour List the 256 colours that are available for selection to be used for the table lines that are output to a CAD system.
Set for all codes Select that all points will be included in the table regardless of the settings in the CAD Output/Settings/Codes command.
Height Specify the height of the image in millimeters.
Width Specify the width of the image in millimeters.
Position Select which of the following attributes are to be output.
  • Ref. No - Reference Number. (See notes below)
  • Photo - Image.
  • Name - Image Name.
  • Description - Image Description.
Using the arrow up/down keys to increase or decrease the column number can set the column position of each attribute type.
The column numbers increase from left to right. Set the Position to 0 (zero) to remove the attribute type in the report.
Left Select left justification for the alphanumeric fields.
Centred Select centre justification for the alphanumeric fields.
Right Select right justification for the alphanumeric fields.
Aligned Select aligned justification for the numeric field.
Centred Select centre justification for the numeric field.
Layer Set the CAD layer for LISCAD CAD or AutoCAD.
  • The layer may be up to 32 alpha numeric characters
Level Set the CAD level for MicroStation.
  • The level may be 0 to 63 for MicroStation V7 and earlier.
  • For MicroStation V8 and later, there is no restriction on the level name
OK Close the dialog box and save any changes to the settings.
Cancel Close the dialog box without saving the changes to the settings.

Note: Image reference numbers are inserted in the table, but also in the plan beside the objects that the photo is linked to.
The symbol selected in CAD Output/Output/Options/Default Symbols/Reference command is also drawn in the plan with each reference number.
This makes finding the objects linked to the photos easier.
If a photo 1s not linked to any objects, the reference number field for that photo is left blank in the table.