Examine Distance and OffsetExamine 3D Offset by 3D Line

(This functionality is available with the Computations module)

Examines the 3D offset of a point with regard to a 3D line.

Examine 3D Offset by 3D Line dialog box

Item Used to
Line: Select the 3D line.
Point: Select the 3D offset point.
Examine Display 3D offset, Horizontal Offset and Perpendicular Offset.
The relevent segment of the line and 3D distance along that segment will also be reported.
Note that the selected point will not return an offset result if it is beyond the ends of the line object. To examine a 3D offset beyond the line, use Examine 3D Offset by Reference Line instead.
Refer to the diagram below for clarification of the various values reported.
Close Close the dialog box.