Examine Distance and OffsetExamine Distance & Offset by Reference Line

(This functionality is available with the Computations module)

Examines the perpendicular horizontal offset of a point with regard to a reference line defined by two points. The results include the distance along the reference line, the perpendicular vertical offset, the perpendicular grade and the elevation of the offset point.

Examine Distance & Offset dialog box

Item Used to
Ref. Pts Key in two point identifiers separated by a double minus sign to define the reference line along which the distance is to be measured, and from which the offset is to be measured.
Alternatively snap to and accept two points to have their identifiers placed in this field.
Offset Point Key in the point identifier of the point to which the distance and offset is required.
Alternatively snap to and accept a point to have their identifier placed in this field and the distance and offset displayed.
Examine Display the distance and offset after the offset point has been keyed in or snapped to with the mouse.
Offsets to the left of the reference line are shown as negative.
Close Close the dialog box.