Create Tangent Points Between 2 ArcsCreate Point by 3D Line and Plane

(This functionality is available with the Computations module)
(Not available in LISCAD Lite)

Creates a point at the intersection of a 3D line and a plane.

To run this option, select the Create/Point command and the Method/3D Line and Plane command from the Computations task to display the relevant dialog box.

Create Points by 3D Line(s) and Plane Intersection

Item Used to
Point ID Enter the ID of the first new point to be created.
Ref Plane Define a reference plane by selecting a 3D line and a 3D point, or three 3D points.
Line Select a line.
Insert Point If checked, the new point will be inserted in the selected line.
Extend Trim If checked, the line will be extended or trimmed to the new point
Move Point If checked, the end point of the line will be moved to the intersection.
OK Create and/or move points at/to the intersections of the line(s) and plane, according to the selection made.
Next Update the point identifier field to the next available identifier greater than the identifier currently shown.
Last Update the point identifier field to one greater than the highest identifier in the data base.