Insert PointInsert Abutting Point

Availability: Computations module. (Not available in LISCAD Lite)
Menu Selection: From the Computations task, select the Edit command and the Insert Abutting Point...command.
Functionality: Inserts an abutting point into an existing line object.
  • Check the Break Line at Point checkbox to break the line into which the point is being inserted at the insertion point.
  • If the point selected abuts a line, the Insert Button inserts the selected insertion point into the selected line segment, thereby amending the geometry of that line. The line attributes remain unchanged, except that it cannot remain contourable if the insertion point is not contourable.
  • If the amended line is part of a polygon, then the polygon remains intact with only its vertices added to, but not its area or shape being altered.
  • This command is display and block sensitive and hence is a quick way of inserting all abutting points into lines for a desired region.
  • To remove overlapping lines from a region, define the required block and use this command with the "Break" option active, then delete any polygons and filter the lines.