Point On LinePoint on Line

(This functionality is available with the Computations module)
(Not available in LISCAD Lite)

Moves a point to the intersection of two lines, each defined by two points.

The Edit/Point on Line command is selected from the Computations task.

Move Point on Line dialog box

Item Used to
Intersect: Select or key in two points, the second of which is to be moved along the line defined by the two points.
In the above example, point 2 is selected to be moved.
Along: Select or key in two points which define the line to which the point is to be moved.
In the above example points 3 and 4 define this line.
Grade Elevation: Select whether the moved point is to have its level altered according to the grade between the points in the intersect field.
In the above example, the level of point 2 was graded.
Both points in the intersect field must have an elevation for this option to have an effect.
Insert Point: Select whether the moved point is to be inserted into a line defined in the "Along" field.
In the above example, point 2 was inserted in the line from 3 to 4, with the altered line becoming a line from 3 to 2 to 4.
The points in the "Along" field must define a line segment for this to occur.
If the moved point has an elevation, this will alter the vertical geometry of the "Along" line to agree with the moved point.
Move Carry out the move operation.
Close Close the dialog box.

Note that any line objects that are associated with the moved point will be automatically amended to reflect the movement. Objects like arc and spirals may be deleted if their geometry cannot be maintained.