Polygon by Inside Mouse ClickPolygon by Inside Mouse Click

(This functionality is available with the Computations module)
(Not available in LISCAD Lite)

Creates a new polygon by clicking the screen anywhere inside a set of contiguous lines that can form a closed shape and hence a polygon. Any line objects will be used except for spirals and offsets.

To run this option, select the Create/Polygon command and the Method/Inside Mouse Click command from the Computations task.

If Configure/Options/Informative Cursors is active, the cursor will display as Polygon by Inside Mouse Click.

To create a polygon, click the mouse anywhere inside the desired set of lines that are to form the polygon edges. The automatic process will probe north from the click position until a line is encountered, then trace contiguous lines until a closed shape is achieved and the polygon created.

When multiple trace paths are possible, the process takes the closest path to the click position that can result in a closed shape.

If a closed shape is not possible, a warning is displayed: "Polygon cannot be created".

The command remains active after each polygon is created, allowing the process to be repeated again and again until a different command is selected.

Each polygon created is given the description entered in the dialog and other attributes as currently defined via the Attributes/Polygon command.

Polygon by Mouse Click dialog box

Item Used to
Increment polygon description: Specify that the Description field in this dialog box is to be automatically increased by a value of 1 after each polygon creation.
Only the last occurrence of a digit from 0 to 9 in the description will be incremented.
e.g. LOT 9 increments to LOT 10
UNIT 3A increments to UNIT 4A
If the description field does not include a number, it will not be automatically altered.
Description: Key in the desired polygon description for the next polygon to be created.