Export Civilcad

(This functionality is available with the Input / Output module)

Exports data to a Civilcad Dump file.

Refer also to the Export dialog box topic.

Selecting the "CivilCAD Version 7" check box will export point ID's of up to 16 characters. Otherwise, the point ID's will be truncated to the first 5 characters.

Note that the system can have break line and planimetric lines on the same group, whereas the Civilcad Dump file defines whether lines are breaklines layer by layer. Also, the creation of the Dump file matches the groups to Civilcad layers. Therefore, if you are planning to transfer data to Civilcad, put breaklines and planimetric lines on separate groups.

Below is a sample of part of a Civilcad dump file created by the system. Note that in the column headed "Bkline", the system always puts an "N" against each group name. This means that lines on those groups will be interpreted by Civilcad as not being break lines. If you want Civilcad to interpret the lines for any particular group as breaklines, then change the N to a Y in a text editor.


Basescale Xmin Ymin Xmax Ymax

1000.000 4464.000 5373.000 4809.000 6507.000


Layer type Bkline

SURVEY ????? N

BUILDI ????? N

BOUNDA ????? N

Layer names exported match the "Group Names" of those objects in LISCAD. The layer names exported are allowed to be a maximum of 64 characters including spaces. Layer names that are longer than 64 characters will truncated to only 64 characters.