Export Moss

(This functionality is available with the Input / Output module)

Exports data to a Moss GENIO file.

Refer also to the Export dialog box topic.

The system creates a Moss GENIO file with Format and Order statements as shown below.



The first four characters of the string and point codes are output to the Moss string header as string and point codes. If processing a file to be exported to Moss, only use up to 4 character codes. Strings without codes are given the code 'S' and points without codes are given the code 'P' .String features are output first followed by point features.

Tip: When preparing data for export to Moss (MX), it is imperative that you do not use the the same point codes for isolated points as for points which are joined by lines. If you mix codes for points and lines, MX cannot distinguish which are supposed to be isolated points and which are used for generating lines.

Refer also to the Moss GENIO file topic.

If the LISCAD Database contains text elements, a dialog box is used to specify the scale factors that are to be applied to LISCAD Ground and Plan text to create the appropriate Moss unitless text sizes.

If a lookup table is used to change the feature codes, the resultant moss file retains the 'Original' feature code in the header of each string group (basically a comment). The modified codes derived from the lookup table is in the actual string definition in the line following this header line.

Treatment of Arcs, Spirals, Lines and Splines

Arcs which are not part of an alignment are exported as arc only geometry strings.

Since arcs which are not part of an alignment in SEE become isolated geometry strings in MX, it follows that if reimported into LISCAD they will become isolated alignments (these alignments can be user deleted if desired leaving just the arc objects.

Line strings which are not part of an alignment are exported as a line string geometry strings.

Spirals which are isolated from other line objects and not part of an alignment are not exported as MX does not support isolated spirals.

Line strings, arcs and spirals which are part of an alignment are exported as a single geometry string containing all the alignment objects.

Splines are exported as line strings, as MX does not support splines.