(This functionality is available with the Input / Output module)

Allows the export of lines and polygons with associated data to the South Australian Government PCPLANS format. Two files are created.

Refer also to the Export dialog box topic.


Display sensitive:

Ensure that the lines and polygons that you want exported are displayed. Only objects which are currently displayed will be exported. Refer to the Display/Groups and Display/Features command.

Rules to follow when creating the SEE data:

PSM's must have their official number excluding "/" as the SEE point Identifier.

All other point identifiers must be less than 10000, or contain apha characters. PCPLANS treats any number larger than 9999 as a PSM.

Ensure you have all lines set to the required bearing rounding and distance rounding, and that all polygons are set to the required area rounding. The rounded values are exported.

The SEE polygon code is exported as the PCPLANS parcel type. Hence ensure that all poygons have their correct code in SEE. Valid codes are: OB (Outer Boundary), COBBL (Bold Black Line), AL (Allotment), PI (Piece), EA (Easement), RE (Reserve), RD (Road), CO (Construction).

The SEE polygon description is exported as the PCPLANS parcel number. Ensure that you match polygon descriptions to your required parcel numbers.