New Model by Elevation DifferenceNew Model by Elevation Difference

(This functionality is available with the Modelling module)
(Not available in LISCAD Lite)

Creates new points and a model at an elevation difference to a currenty available model. This command is available from the Edit/New Model menu in the Terrain Modelling Task.

New Model by Elevation Difference dialog box

Item Used to
Current Model Name Select the model to be duplicated at an elevation difference
New Model Name Enter the new name for the model to be created
Diff. Elevation Enter the elevation difference from the existing model to the new model.
Starting Point Identifier Enter the starting point identifier for the new points to be created. The starting point identifier may also be determined by using the Next or Last buttons.
Point Code Select the check box and a code from the list if you want the new points created on that particular code with its attributes as per the code table. If the check box is not active, the new points will have the same codes and attributes as the original points.
Apply Create the new points and model at the entered elevation difference to the original points.