Copy Long Section

(This functionality is available with the Profiles and Design module)
(Not available in LISCAD Lite)

Allows a copy of a portion of a long section to be made.

This function is available from the Long Section View from the Long Sections/Copy Long Section menu item.

Copy Long Section dialog box

Item Used to
Long Section to Copy: Select the required long section from the drop down list.
Start Chainage Enter the starting distance you want to start copying from.
End Chainage Enter the final distance you want to stop copying at.
Elevation Difference Enter the height difference you wish to apply to the long section copy.
New Long Section name: Enter the name to be given to the new long section.
OK: Creates a copy of the long section from the Start Distance through to the End Distance.

The horizontal control for the new long section will be the same as the original.
Cancel: Closes the dialog box without copying a long section.