Configure Auto BackupOptional Save

Allows the user to choose whether changes are to be kept when the file is closed.

The "Configure/Optional Save" command is selected from the Utilities task. It can only be accessed when a file is not open.

Clicking the "Optional Save" menu item will toggle it between active and inactive. A tick indicates that it is active.

If Optional Save is active, a copy of the file will be opened for editing rather than the original file.

Also, if Optional Save is active, the "File/Save" command is available to save the changes at any time.

When the file is closed the user is prompted to save changes. If the user chooses "Don't Save", the file remains unchanged since being opened or since the most recent use of File/Save, and any editing of the data since then is lost. If the user chooses "Save", the original file will be replaced with the modified copy, and hence all editing is saved.