Manage Local Scale Factors

(Not available in LISCAD Lite)

Enables local distance scale factors to to be created, edited and deleted.

Note that Local Distance = Grid Distance / Scale Factor

The Manage Local Scale Factors dialog is accessed from the Utilities / Configure / Units dialog.

Note: Manage Local Scale Factors was introduced in LISCAD 2018 to allow multiple local scale factors to be set and used. For LISCAD 2018, these are stored in the registry and hence all existing local scale factors are available with all see projects. LISCAD 2109 enhanced this functionality such that local scale factors are stored with the relevant see project that they are created in. When a previous version see project is opened in LISCAD 2019, only the most recently used scale factor in that project is retained, and any new local scale factors created will then also be available only to that project.

Manage Local Scale Factors dialog box

Item Used to
Scale Factors Display the name and value of all currently available local scale factors. Each scale factor may be selected for deletion or edit.
New... Create a new Local Scale Factor and add it to the available list of Scale Factors.
Edit... Edit the currently selected Local Scale Factor.
Delete Delete the currently selected Local Scale Factor.
Close Close the dialog box.