Photo ReportPhoto Report

(Not available in LISCAD Lite)

Produces a report in a user specified format of selected photos and their attributes.

The results are displayed in a report window. From the report window the results can be sent to the printer or saved as a text file. If the results are too big to be displayed in the report window they will automatically be saved as a .txt file with the name "Data File name_RPx.txt" where the x is incremented starting at A each time a new report is saved. This .txt file will then be opened automatically by the current text editor.

The Report/Photos command is selected from the Plan View Utilities task.

Photo Report dialog box

Item Used to
Points Include photos linked to points.
Lines Include photos linked to lines.
Polygons Include photos linked to polygons.
Nothing Include photos that are not linked to any object.
Sort Radio Buttons
Name Sort the report by photo name.
Date Sort the report by photo date.
Description Sort the report by photo description.
Photo Fields
Height Key in the pixel height of the images in the report
Width Key in the pixel width of the images in the report
Position Select which attributes are to be output.
Using the arrow up/down keys to increase or decrease the column number can set the column position of each attribute type.
The column numbers increase from left to right. Set the Position to 0 (zero) to remove the attribute type in the report.
OK Generate the report.
If a block is active, only those photos which are defined by the block will be output.
Cancel Close the dialog box.