Print/PlotPrint / Plot

Produces a plot to scale of part or all of the currently open data base to the current printer/plotter
The File/Print-Plot command is selected from the Plan View Utilities task.

Print / Plot dialog box

Item Used to
Current Printer Displays the currently set printer. This may be changed by using File/Printer Setup.
Whole Database Select the entire database for output.
Current View Select the current view for output.
Block Select the currently active block for output. This option will not be available unless a block is active.
Setup Display the printer setup dialog.
Fit Sheet Update the Scale field to a scale that will fit the region to be plotted onto the page size defined in printer setup.
Scale 1: Enter the required scale of the plot. This field is automatically updated to the scale required to fit the region onto the page size whenever an Option radio button or the Fit Sheet button is selected.
Correct Text for Printer Rotation Correct the orientation of text.
Select or deselect this option if the print/plot produces text at a different orientation to that shown on the screen.
Plot All in Black Select this option to print/plot all in black.
This option is available because some printers/plotters do not print/plot in black, but use a grey scale.
OK Send the plot to the print manager and close the dialog box.
Cancel Close the dialog box without sending the plot.

Only the groups and features currently set for display are output.
If the printer/plotter output has missing or distorted information, you may need to upgrade the existing graphics driver to a later version or use a Microsoft graphics driver.