What's New in Version 10.1

Version 10.1 has many new features. These are listed below. For detailed descriptions, refer to the appropriate help topic as underlined.

  1. Editing of Text enhanced
    The View Edit Text command has been enhanced to allow the editing of both the actual text and the text attributes.
  2. Support for AutoCAD 2013
    Data Conversions has been enhanced to import DWG and DXF files in AutoCAD 2013 format. CAD Output has also been enhanced to create DWG and DXF files in AutoCAD 2013 format.
  3. Support for MapInfo MIF/MID
    The Export/MapInfo MIF/MID command has been added to support this format.
  4. Support for D-SPEC
    The Export/D-SPEC command has been added to support this in both MapInfo MIF/MID and ESRI shape file formats.
  5. Import and Export of Topcon Civilcad LandXML
    Data Conversions has been enhanced to both import and export files in the Topcon Civilcad LandXML format.
  6. Automated conversion of SEE files to the latest version
    The File/Batch Conversion command has been added to convert all SEE files in a folder and subfolders to the latest file version.
  7. Field reduction report enhancements
    The report produced when using Field Transfer/Resolve/Reduce Field File has been greatly enhanced to allow easier checking of results and quality control when reducing field surveys. The enhancements include:

    • - Report each time a station setup is processed (Record types 101, 102, 103)
    • - Report each time the target height is changed
    • - Report each time the prism constant is changed
    • - Report on duplicate coordinated points (Record types 61 to 65 and 111 to 126)
    • - All reported records now report the relevant line number in the field file
    • - All reported records now output to the report in observed order
    • - The current LISCAD coordinate display order is now adhered to when reporting (East or North first)
    • - All angles and distances are reported in the units defined by the current SEE configuration
    • - All angles and distances are reported to the currently configured precision
    • - All angles and distances reported are plane (computed from the coordinates)
  8. Transform the codes in an SEE database via a lookup file
    The LISCADXML import has been enhanced to allow codes to be translated via an optional code lookup file. By performing the following steps it is now possible to transform the codes in the SEE database. This can be very useful if you need to export data to some other format with alternate codes to the ones you initially used.

    • - Export the SEE project via the "Export/LISCADXML - SEE Data base" command to create a LISCADXML file
    • - Create a new SEE project database
    • - Import the LISCADXML file created in step 1 via the "Import/LISCADXML - SEE Data base" command, specifying an appropriate code lookup file via the "Lookup..." button in the dialog
  9. Support for hiding codes in code selection lists
    The Code Table Editor dialog and the Code Table Editor spreadsheet have both been enhanced to select which codes are included in the Point, Line, Polygon and Text code lists. Refer to the "List" options when editing code tables. This is very useful for ensuring only desired feature codes appear in the various lists, there by making code selection easier and faster.
  10. Selection of non-displayed points
    The Configure/Options command has been enhanced to allow selection of points that belong to groups which are turned off. This is very useful if you do not wish to display certain points but still want them available for use in the various SEE commands for creation, editing, examining etc.
  11. Create Long and Cross Section drop down list
    Drop down lists to show existing long or cross sections were added to improve ease of use.
  12. ePlan Updates
    Various enhancements have been added to the ePlan functionality including:

    • - Updated Parcel Class Codes for Victoria
    • - Added ability to specify a boundary for admin area parcels
    • - Added ability to specify an author
    • - Added multi-line entry for the survey firm to support Trading Name, Office Name, Address, Phone, Fax
    • - Added pick lists for various fields
    • - Updated user documentation
  13. Other general Enhancements
    Various other enhancements throughout including:

    • - Double click mouse wheel to perform a Fit
    • - Support for Topcon GPT-3000 in Survey Live
    • - Authenticated internet connections for RTK in Survey Live
    • - 3D view shows new objects created via Survey Live in real time
    • - Performance improvement over WAN/LAN using Auto Backup
    • - Improved point filtering for points on arcs
    • - Support for press and hold touch gesture