What's New in Version 12.0

Version 12.0 has many new features. These are listed below. For detailed descriptions, refer to the appropriate help topic as underlined.

  1. Extend or Trim Lines
  2. Find and Report Polygon Hiatus and Overlap 
  3. Leica LS Digital Level Series
  4. Grade and Aspect Output to CAD
  5. Copy, Cut and Paste Point Cloud Scan Points
  6. Faster Conversion of Point Clouds Scan Points to Points
  7. Contour Labels by Distance along Contour
  8. Point Attribute Prefix or Suffix
  9. Photo Flags for Lines
  10. Background Images support for Web Mercator Projection
  11. Latest Versions of D-Spec and R-Spec
  12. Longer layer names supported in CAD Output
  13. e-Plan enhancements
  14. Other general enhancements throughout the system
This major release of LISCAD 12.0 has been preceded by LISCAD 11.3, also a major release. As such, please also peruse the What's New in 11.3 to get a complete feel for all the great new functionality that has been released in the several months prior to V12.