What's New in Version 12.2

Version 12.2 has many new features. These are listed below. For detailed descriptions, refer to the appropriate help topic as underlined.

  1. GDA 2020 supported
  2. Create Polygon by Inside Mouse Click
  3. Back option in Polygon Creation techniques
  4. Spell Checking
  5. New Examine 3D Offset commands
  6. New Compound Combined Curve and Compound Spiral creation commands
  7. LAS point cloud Import and Export
  8. New standard Leica DBX Code Lists available
  9. Leica DBX Field Transfer and Data Conversions rationalised and enhanced
  10. Field Transfer Reduction Options enhanced
  11. Least Squares Adjustment extraction enhanced
  12. Import SEE Cross Sections
  13. Copy Scan Points enhanced
  14. AutoCAD and MicroStation CAD Output enhanced
  15. Long Section reporting enhanced
  16. 3D Display Features Lighting enhanced
  17. Interpolate Elevations enhanced
  18. Swiss-95 Projection
  19. MicroStation Cell creation enhanced
  20. CAD Output Model Settings enhanced
  21. Examine Model Elevation enhanced
  22. Point Comparison by Alignment enhanced
  23. Validate Alignment enhanced
  24. Export of 12DA files enhanced
  25. D-Spec export enhanced
    • DSPEC export for drainage has been enhanced to support Head/End walls.
  26. e-Plan enhancements
  27. Other general enhancements throughout the system including but not limited to: Create Points by Section Markers; Create Points by Line/Line Extension/Trim;
This major release of LISCAD 12.2 has been preceded by LISCAD 12.1, also a major release. As such, please also peruse the What's New in 12.1 to get a complete feel for all the great new functionality that has been released in the several months prior to V12.2.