What's New in Version 3.0

Version 3.0 has many new features. These are listed below. For detailed descriptions, refer to the appropriate help topic by using the help buttons in the command dialog boxes.

Overall Changes

Enhanced Interface


-Status Bar

-Code Lists: Set attributes with two clicks

-Faster and Easier

Reporting Enhancements (New report editor)

Support for Ground Distances (Display, Computations, Adjustments)

Additional line styles and symbols

Pen Windows is now supported

New Installation Program

30 character groups now supported


Resolve Duplicates

Compare points using current or different file

Printer plotting

Printer setup

Last 4 files available from file menu

Configuration of colours for Adjustment modules

Configuration of Tool Bar

Configuration of Information Bar

Configuration of Prompt Line

Configuration of Tool Tips

Configuration of Earth Constants

-support for average elevation and combined scale factor

View tools available from menu

New Traverse Module

Support for Angles

Greatly enhanced User Interface

Improved error trapping and reporting

Support for Missing Parts

Three traverse adjustment techniques

Adjustment of elevations

Support for arcs

Support for Code and Description

Support for ground distance and combined scale factor

Support for Map Check

Traverse Extraction for Wild codes

Support for NZ Traverse needs

Field Transfer

Support for User Executable data transfer.

New data recorders supported:

Leica TC-600

Leica TPS range of instruments

Optimal Husky Hunter

Tripod data systems 48 & 95

Topcon FC4

Geodimeter System-600

Wild Operation Codes Enhanced:

Operation Code 14 allows extended descriptions

New operation Code for setting a reference direction

Numeric Operation codes >99 used as feature codes

Rectangle/steps operation code

Two methods allowed for the application of curvature and refraction

Support for Digital Level

Production of Level sheet report

Enhanced User Interface for data recorder selection and configuration

New L/S module

Support for Angles

Greatly enhanced User Interface

Improved error trapping and reporting

New Check command to quickly locate problems with the data

Support for Code and Description

Enhanced database update of adjusted results

Extraction of digital level results

Support for ground distance and combined scale factor


Edit Point on Line

Edit Point Identifiers

Edit Line Description

Examine Grade Enhanced


Model by group

Model by block

Positive and Negative contour colours

New Volumes Task

Volume between 2 DTM's

Creation of new Height Difference Model

Generation of model intersection lines and common boundary lines

Data Conversions

IDEX support

Support for User Executables to exchange data with other systems

Moss import has been enhanced to allow for new GENIO characters

User definable ASCII enhanced

Cad Output

Support for multiple CAD Output parameter settings files

CAD Output settings by codes

MicroStation user data supported

9 Hot point positions for text now supported

Asymmetrical grid crosses

Landscape/Portrait sheet sizes

Support for 30 character DXF layers

Option to use default for all codes

Output of Underline text now supported

Output of Units symbols now supported

Can store fit & scale settings

Lines can now be clipped to symbols

Radiation reference numbers can be placed at the point or on the line

New Grid option for crosses & edge tick

Grid labels can be inside the grid perimeter

Arc and Short Line tables can be controlled by a user entered minimum distance

Content of all tables and legend can be controlled by the code.

User definable selection and size of reference symbols

Support for positive and negative contour line styles