What's New in Version 7

Version 7 has many new features. These are listed below. For detailed descriptions, refer to the appropriate help topic as underlined.

XML Support

LISCAD now has extensive support for both writing and reading XML files. This new functionality provides you with the ability to create your own reports and data conversions between other applications.

It also provides support for LandXML the latest format for transferring land related data.

For more information on how LISCAD works with XML follow the following link.

XML Index

Filter controls have been introduced to give much greater flexibility in searching point and line attributes.

Undo / Redo

LISCAD now provides virtually unlimited support for both Undo and Redo right throughout the system. This is available from the Edit menu on each task.

Local Direction & Distance

You can now configure units to support your own local bearings and distances. This is achieved by entering a rotation to be applied to the plane bearing and a scale factor to be applied to grid distance.

This allows you to enter bearings on a local datum where you know the rotation difference between the local and plane bearing so they will be brought on to the grid system you have set. Similarly for distances a local scale factor can be applied.

You can change the rotation and scale factor at anytime. When set for local bearing and distance all input and output will operate with your local values.

Background Images

Background Images now provides support for MrSID, ECW images and GeoTIFF images. These images along with their georeference information can be directly imported into LISCAD.

Zoom and Fit functionality has been introduced into the registration window and ground co-ordinates can now be selected from the plan window.

There have also been improvements in the speed of loading and displaying images and very large images can now be supported.

Pixel ground size is now displayed in the registration window. It is useful to know the pixel size as it helps confirm whether the registration residuals are reasonable.

You can now configure the colours of the clip frame and control points in the image registration window.

Registered transformed images can now be exported to an image format of your choice.

CAD Output

The CAD Output line codes now have the ability to be set for aligning the attributes of their points along the line.

AutoCAD 2004/2005 is now supported.

The ability to add LISCAD's point attributes to AutoCAD insertion blocks.

Registered transformed images can now be exported to AutoCAD in an image format of your choice.


When creating arcs by tangents and intersection points, or combined curves, you can now choose to have elevations interpolated along the curve at the new points created.

When working with interactive dialog boxes, you can now hold down the shift key and right click into the graphics window to bring up the pop-up menu.

Many edit fields that allow you to select a range of objects now allow you to select multiple objects and multiple ranges.

Data Conversions

Import of AutoCAD 2004/2005 is now supported. When an AutoCAD is imported you can now control the scale and how blocks are handled. Polylines and lightweight polylines can be converted to individual line segments and closed polylines can be imported as polygons.

XML files can be exported and imported to support your own data conversions and create your own reports.

The User Definable Import Sets can now be given names rather then just numbers 1 to 10.

Version 7.x files can be exported to version 6.x compatible files.

Digital Terrain Modelling

The model formation has been tweaked to more closely adhere to the Search Distance set.

Field Transfer

Includes support for the Leica DNA-03 and DNA-10 digital levels.

Includes direct import support for the Leica System 1200 and Leica Geo Office.

Includes export support for the Leica System 1200 via XML and direct export support for Leica Geo Office.

Includes support for the Leica TPS-800 Series Instruments.

Traverse adjustment can now be exported to XML.

For Leica instruments, the GSI information Word 33 is the height difference. This is NOT the raw elevation difference but includes the instrument and reflector heights.

Least Squares Adjustment

Least squares horizontal and vertical data can be both exported from and imported into the least squares adjustment editor.

You can now modify the standard deviations by entering centering and target errors, thereby reflecting the relative weights of each observation.


View / Edit Section Markers now also reports on the alignment, chainage and offset of the section marker selected.

You can now transfer the elevations along a long section on to existing points in the long section's control line.

It is now possible to automatically create points at section markers along a primary alignment from within Section Manager.


Data sets can now be transformed between any different projection types using a variety of transformation techniques.

Transformation techniques supported are:

Grid File



Molodensky 3 Parameter Shift

3 Parameter Shift


The Colour Configuration can now be matched to the AutoCAD or MicroStation colour palettes.

Projections have been separated from ellipsoids and can be managed separately.

The following new projections are now directly available:

Transverse Mercator

Albania AL_ALB87

Croatia HR_HDKS

Denmark DK_ED50

Denmark DK_ETRS89

Denmark Kp2000

Finland ETRS-TM35FIN

Germany DE_DHDN

Germany DE_42/83

Great Britain OSGB36

Greece GR_GGRS87

Ireland IE_IRELAND65

Italy IT_ROMA40

Latvia LV_LKS-92

Lithuania LT_LKS94

Luxembourg LU_LUREF


Norway NO_NGO1948

Norway NO_ETRS89

Poland PL_EUREF89

Portugal PT_AZO_OCCI


Portugal PT_D73

Portugal PT_DLX(HAY)

Portugal PT_MAD

Slovenia SI_D48

Spain ES_ED50

Spain-Gibr ES_ED50

Sweden SE_RT90

Turkey TR_ED50

Uzbekistan SK20 (Pulkovo)


Belgium BE_BD72

Estonia EE_L-EST97

Europe ETRS89

France FR_RGF93

WGS 84 (Americas & West Pacific)

WGS 84 (Asia)

WGS 84 (Europe & Africa)

Double Stereographic

Belgium BE_BD72

Netherlands NL_RD

Poland PL_42/58