What's New in Version 8

Version 8 has many new features. These are listed below. For detailed descriptions, refer to the appropriate help topic as underlined.

Enhanced User Interface

Several Edit Controls have been enhanced to extend the their flexibility. Some allow simple modification (for example addition and subtraction) and have tooltips that display the derivation of the data.

It is now possible to have multiple modeless dialog boxes available at the same time. This feature can increase productivity significantly. The user can configure how these dialogs function.

3D View

3D viewing windows have been introduced.  Three dimensional point and line objects as well as multiple models can be displayed in each individual 3D window.  Models can be coloured, textured or have background images draped over them and individual triangles can be coloured or textured to give a realistic representation of the model.

Any edited done to the points, lines or models in the plan view are automatically updated in the 3D view.

  1. You can Configure 3D to use either OpenGL, Direct3D or WinGDI as your graphics driver, determine whether to use hardware acceleration and to choose the balance between speed and quality when rendering models.  This flexibility lets you tailor your computer to get the best performance out of the hardware and software installed on your computer.
  2. Navigating in the 3D view.  You can use Plan Fit, Fit and Window functions to orient the view and focus in on your area of interest.  There are also five cameras available, Walk Camera, Fly Camera, Orbit Camera, Zoom Camera and Pan Camera, which enable you to move around the data set and view it in a realistic way.
  3. 3D Display Features.  You can control what objects are displayed, how the surface is smoothed, lighting effects, sun position, fog and shadow.  You can also control which models are displayed simultaneously, how they are rendered, either by colour, texture, elevation, background images or individual triangle colour and texture.
  4. Textures can be Created and Edited.  Textures are small bitmap images that can be tiled over a model or an individual triangle to render a realistic appearance to the terrain.
  5. Set Triangle Attributes.
  6. Adopt Triangle Attributes.
  7. Edit Triangle Attributes.
  8. View/Edit Triangle Attributes.
  9. View/Edit Model Attributes.


  1. * Copy using Move commands
  2. * Move using selected Create commands
  3. Set Elevation on Line
  4. Create Points at Point Arc Tangents
  5. Create Points at Arc Arc Tangents
  6. Create Point by Elevation and Grade
  7. Rotate Polygon Side by Area
  8. Translate polygon side by area
  9. Move (and Copy) points by radiation
  10. * Insert Point into Line has been enhanced to allow the line to be broken.
  11. * Alignment by Parallel Offset has been enhanced to allow the elevation of the new alignment to be controlled by grading through an existing alignment.
  12. Edit Point Identifiers by Line
  13. Edit Point Identifiers by Alignment


  1. Vertical Arcs
  2. Profiles And Cross Section now have 'Editing Behaviour'
  3. Transfer Multiple Long Sections to Plan

Terrain Modelling

  1. Flip Triangle Side
  2. * Increased number of models per file. The models are now identified by names, not numbers, and the descriptions have been removed
  3. Models can be renamed
  4. Create Model Edges
  5. * Examine Model Elevation has been enhanced to show triangle aspect and slope
  6. Add Triangle by Side and Apex


  1. Configure Options
  2. * Display Groups has been enhanced to allow merging, deleting and other manipulation of data by group.
  3. * Point Comparison by Point Report has been enhanced to show the plane bearings and grid distances between the points being compared.

CAD Output

  1. * AutoCAD 2006 is now supported.
  2. Intersection Angle has been added to the Arc Table.
  3. In AutoCAD, LISCAD splines are now exported as AutoCAD splines.

Data Conversions

  1. * AutoCAD 2006 is now supported.
  2. * AutoCAD Block Attributes are now imported as text.
  3. * AutoCAD Ellipses are now imported as splines.
  4. * AutoCAD Extruded Arcs and Circles are now imported as splines.
  5. Trimble Terramodel V10 LandXML is now supported.
  6. Trimble Survey Controller V11.31 RXL is now supported.
  7. Autodesk Land Desktop 2005 LandXML is now supported.
  8. Autodesk Civil 3D 2007 LandXML is now supported.
  9. 12D V7 LandXML is now supported.
  10. * Performance of Importing and Exporting has been improved for many Conversions.
  11. * Arcs are being displayed on board in Leica System 1200 Points Lines Areas Conversions.

Background Images

  1. * Image types supported now includes MrSID MG3.


  1. * Level Adjustment now supports intermediate sights.
* denotes a command that was available in previous versions of LISCAD, but has now been enhanced.