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Low Cost Survey Software

Inexpensive survey and engineering software allowing data transfer between all popular field survey devices as well as other software systems including AutoCAD (DWG) and MicroStation (DGN).

 LISCAD Lite - Just For Starters
LISCAD Lite provides an entry level version of LISCAD civil engineering and survey software at a low price!

Lite incorporates two-way data transfer between a wide range of total station, data logger, GPS and digital level field survey devices.

Dynamic multiple windows can be shown for instant visual display and use of pan, window and zoom as data is created, edited or examined.

LISCAD Lite is able to view files created using the full version of LISCAD that may contain Digital Terrain Models (DTM), background images, 3D perspective views, alignments, long section profiles and cross sections.

Import and Export directly to AutoCAD (DWG/DXF/DXB), MicroStation (DGN), as well as many other formats including Moss, ArcInfo, Geocomp, User Definable ASCII and many more.

The low cost LISCAD Lite is fully upgradeable to the extremely powerful full LISCAD survey and engineering software system.

LISCAD also includes the following features:

LISCAD Survey & Engineering Software

Low Cost Field Survey Software Incorporating Two Way Data Transfer between Total Station, Data logger, GPS and Digital Level Survey Devices
To view the LISCAD Lite Product Information in PDF format, select the following link, alternatively to download, right click and select "Save Target As":

Product Information (Size: 267 KB)

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