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Point Cloud

The Point Cloud module enables you to include scanning data in your project.

Integrating Point Clouds with your favourite Survey Engineering software
Scanning equipment is increasingly part of todays measurement toolbox. With the advent of scan stations such as Leica Nova, including scan data in your surveys has never been so easy, economical and inviting. Now you can easily process that scan data in your favourite Survey Engineering software, incorporating the results with your conventionally measured point and vector data.

The LISCAD Point Cloud module allows you to import multiple scans from PTS files, or import them from Leica Nova DBX/SDB files along with photos, TPS and GNSS geometry. If the multistation scans are not observed on datum, you can transform them during the import process to match known control points in LISCAD.

Import as many scans as you like, delete or rename them as you desire, and view or edit them in 3D using all the LISCAD viewing tools. Each scan can be selectively displayed to give maximum control over which scans you see at any particular time. Enjoy LISCAD's smart user configurable enlargement of scan points, for better clarity and feature identification as you zoom. Scans colour can be toggled between 'scan point colour' and 'whole of scan colour' for maximum clarity, and Mono scan data is auto coloured based on intensity.

Delete scan points selectively or by block, create LISCAD points and lines easily by snapping to scan points, or use a block to quickly create many LISCAD points from a scan region. Once you create the LISCAD points and lines, they are naturally available for use with all the LISCAD functionality, such as model formation, volumes or profiles and design. You can also edit the LISCAD points and lines in 3D view (examine, delete, join, break, edit attributes etc.), ensuring that your resultant LISCAD data is as desired.

As an integrated module, LISCAD Point Cloud gives you an excellent point cloud solution inside your survey engineering software at a reasonable price. We want all our customers to use scan data! So if you are ready to take the next step and incorporate scan data into your business, LISCAD has the integrated and economical solution for you.

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Point Cloud

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