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Survey Live Field Surveying Software

Allows real-time field surveying and stakeout using total stations and GNSS.

 Take Your Office To The Field
Imagine having all the power of LISCAD available in the field in the same application you are using for real time surveying! That is exactly what you get when you add Survey Live to your LISCAD system.

Survey Live can become your field controller for real time surveying with total station or GNSS equipment, but because it is also a module of LISCAD, you can still access any other LISCAD modules on your licence. So your favourite office software can now also be your favourite field software. One integrated system to use and enjoy whether in the field or office.

You can purchase Survey Live by itself, with other LISCAD modules, or add it to an existing LISCAD licence. The configuration (and cost) is therefore tailored to meet your needs, and controlled by you.

Features of Survey Live include:
  • Real Time Total Station and GNSS surveying
  • Survey & Setout
  • Optional module of LISCAD
  • Easy to use graphical interface
  • Finger or stylus operation
  • See your survey build as you go
  • Instant visual check
  • All LISCAD functions available while in the field
  • Easy total station setup including free station
  • Easy GNSS one step or two step transformation set up for projection or local coordinates in real time
  • Geoid model support
  • Photo support
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Tutorial available (Refer to SEE/Help/Tutorials/Survey Live)
  • Can trial in demo mode without need for Total Station or GNSS
And much more; just download LISCAD for a free evaluation.

LISCAD also includes the following features:
Survey Live field survey pickup and stakeout software

Survey Live with GPS receiver, total station and prism, SmartStation

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