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Least Squares Coordinate Transformations

Perform least squares coordinate transformations on your data as well as transforming between map projections.

 Where in the World is Your Data?
Least Squares Coordinate Transformations of Your Data Onto a Geodetic Map ProjectionLISCAD provides the easy answer when performing least squares coordinate transformations on your survey and civil engineering projects.

Coordinate transformation parameters are computed by manually entering point coordinates or by directly selecting the points from the screen for both source and destination coordinate systems.

Select either Conformal, Semi Affine, Unscaled or Affine in either 2D or 3D. Individual weighting can be assigned to points plus the ability to easily include or exclude selected points make it quick to calculate the transformation parameters. A full report of these parameters can then be generated.

The least squares coordinate transformations module also gives you the ability to transform your database onto and between any of the following map projection types: Transverse Mercator (includes UTM), Lambert Conformal Conic, Double Stereographic, Oblique Mercator, NAD27 Transverse Mercator, NAD27 Lambert Conformal Conic, New Zealand and Swiss map projections.

In civil engineering surveying the LISCAD 3D coordinate transformations module is ideal for comparing as-built structures to their design specifications.

LISCAD also includes the following features:

LISCAD Surveying & Engineering Software

Perform least squares coordinate transformations on your data as well as transforming between geodetic map projections.

To view the Transformations Product Information in PDF format, select the following link, alternatively to download, right click and select "Save Target As":

Product Information (Size: 296 KB)

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