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Earthworks Volume Computations

Earthworks volume computations between digital terrain model (DTM) surfaces, generate surface intersections, common boundaries and create height difference DTMs.

 How Much Material is Left?
The answer is easy with the LISCAD Volumes module.

Compute a volume to a base plane by selecting a digital terrain model (DTM) and a nominated datum elevation. Alternatively, calculate the volume between multiple progressive base planes which is useful for dam capacities and progressive payments.

Using two digital terrain model surfaces, calculate the volume of cut and fill, create a new height difference model, generate "no cut" / "no fill" breaklines as well as common boundary lines.

New points and lines defining the "no cut" / "no fill" areas can be added to a user specified group/layer for subsequent output to field surveying devices or software systems such as AutoCAD (DWG), MicroStation (DGN) and LandXML.

Where height differences are required for reporting or stakeout on civil engineering design projects, the LISCAD Volumes module can automatically create a new project which contains all lines of intersection and boundary overlap, plus breakline and DTM points.

The elevations generated in this new data set are the actual differences in height between the two selected digital terrain models. A DTM can be created from this new project, providing height difference contours which can be colour coded to readily illustrate areas above and below the design surface.

Likewise any of the new points can be uploaded to total station, data logger and GPS land surveying devices and used in the field to control earthworks.

LISCAD also includes the following features:

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Earthworks Volume Computations Including Cut and Fill Quantities

To view the Volumes Product Information in PDF format, select the following link, alternatively to download, right click and select "Save Target As":

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