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What's New In LISCAD Version 2018/2019

Version 2019 has many new features. These include:

April 2019


  • New "Create Best Fit Long Section" command
    • Automatically create new best fit profiles by straight line, arc or parabola that best fit any part or whole of any existing long section.
  • New "Isolated Stringable Points" report
    • Report on points that are not part of a line but have a feature code set to stringable in the code table. This report assists in locating points that should have been included in a line but were not.
  • Enhanced "Edit Attributes" commands
    • When editing point, line, polygon or text attributes by Group, the required group may be selected from a drop list which expands to show the group names in entirety.
  • New "File/Save" command
    • Use this command to save the changes at any time when "Optional Save" is selected.
  • New "PCPLANS" export
    • Allows the export of lines and polygons with associated data to the South Australian Government PCPLANS format.
  • CAD Output of coloured end areas
    • Cross Section CAD Output has been enhanced to include coloured cross section end areas.
  • Enhanced Local Rotations and Scale Factors
    • Local rotations and scale factors are now stored with their relevant project.
  • CAD Output of the Legend enhanced
    • Legend objects in the CAD legend are created according to the layer set for their code if the AutoCAD ByLayer or MicroStation ByLevel output option is selected.
  • Enhanced Field Tranfer of Leica DBX
    • The coordinate system used for the DBX is now shown as a comment in the RAW (GSI) file, the Field (FLD) file and the Reduction Report.
  • Polygon Area Check report enhanced
    • This report can now be sorted by alpha or numeric order of the descriptions, as well as by area. The new numeric sorting is very useful in checking for sequence gaps when the descriptions are used as allotment numbers.
Version 2018 has many new features. These include:

November 2018



  • Text Objects enhanced to support masking
    • Text may be masked preventing it from being obscured by other objects. The mask attribute is supported when setting, examining, editing, adopting or changing text attributes.

August 2018



  • New Extend / Trim function
    • Linear objects including lines, line strings, arcs and splines may be extended or trimmed to other objects including lines, line strings, arcs, circles, splines, boxes or symbols.
  • Edit Scale enhanced
    • When rescaling and holding symbol sizes, there is a new option to retain clipping.
  • AutoCAD 2018 Exchange
    • This latest AutoCAD release is supported for Import and Export.

This major release of LISCAD 2018 has been preceded by LISCAD 12.2, also a major release. As such, please also peruse the What's New in 12.2 to get a complete feel for all the great new functionality that has been released in the several months prior to 2018.

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