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LISTECH Neo Geospatial Office Software

LISTECH Neo Geospatial Software Screen Displays Welcome to the home of LISTECH Neo, the new generation of geospatial software that offers exciting functionality and customisability with increased productivity and ease of use.

Here you will find all of the product information, downloads and support you require.

Neo’s integrated 3D/2D environment, user definable attributing, data creation, editing and exchange capability mean you can deliver product tailored exactly to varying client needs.

Neo projects can be easily configured to meet local needs anywhere in the world.
 Product Information
LISTECH Neo Geospatial Software Product Info Visit the product information page to learn more about Neo features which include support for BIM and GIS exchange, field survey processing via an integrated measurement database and geodetically rigorous coordinate geometry (COGO) computations.

LISTECH Neo Software Downloads Visit the Neo download page for the latest release software. A fully functional FREE evaluation licence is available.

LISTECH Neo Software Support LISTECH's support strategy is to provide the highest possible level of expert local support on a worldwide basis, backed by online support and direct access to the development team.

 Request a quote
LISTECH Neo Software Quote If you are interested in purchasing Neo and require a quote, use our online quote form and a representative will contact you with the information you require.

LISTECH Neo Geospatial Software


LISTECH Neo Upgrade
December 1, 2016

We are pleased to announce that the next major upgrade to LISTECH Neo is now available. Some of the new features include computation of 3D/2D coordinate transformation parameters from coordinate pairs, feature code processing for Trimble Job XML, Leica FlexLine XML and Leica DBX jobs, import and export of Leica FlexLine codelists, import and export of Cyclone Object Exchange (COE) files, support for Web Map Service (WMS) and lots of other new functionality. Read more...

LISTECH Neo Upgrade
September 2, 2016

We are pleased to announce that another major upgrade to LISTECH Neo is now available. Some of the new features include volumes between terrain models, creation of lines of no cut/no fill at the intersections of terrain models, creation of height difference models (cut/fill) between terrain models, creation of polygons of discrete colour bands from a terrain model, a scriptable query language for automating repetitive tasks and lots of other new functionality. Read more...

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