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TPS Station Setup Product Information
TPS Station Setup is a flexible onboard station setup and orientation application designed for the Leica TPS1000 and TPS1100 series total stations.

The application can be uploaded to the instrument and then run as a stand alone program or configured to run within the "Job Settings" dialog along with QSET and STN via the TPS1100 configuration file provided.

This program allows you to do a station setup without knowing the station or backsight coordinates beforehand. There is no need to previously know your coordinates or input "dummy" coordinates as you work. The program also does not insist on having a backsight.

However, if you do have the coordinates imported or manually entered in the instrument, then once you have taken a backsight shot, TPS Station Setup will show you the difference between the computed and measured distances for checking in the field.

When recording a backsight observation the station setup and any entered coordinates are automatically recorded to the measurement file.

It will create a file that will reduce seamlessly into LISCAD and other programs as long as the coordinates are known at the time of reduction.

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