LISTECH Neo Major Upgrade

The latest release of LISTECH Neo includes new features such as the computation of 3D/2D coordinate transformation parameters from coordinate pairs, feature code processing for Trimble Job XML, Leica FlexLine XML and Leica DBX jobs, import and export of Leica FlexLine codelists, import and export of Cyclone Object Exchange (COE) files, support for Web Map Service (WMS) and lots of other new functionality.

The following new features are now available:

  • Import and export of Leica Cyclone Object Exchange (COE) files
  • Import and export of Leica FlexLine Codelists
  • Comparison reports for points to various objects (points, lines, shapes, terrain models)
  • Display of online image services based on WMS
  • Estimation of 3D/2D coordinate transformations
  • Clone and isolate layer tools
  • Option to open file in external application after export
  • Option to create an attribute with the contour value when creating contour lines
  • Support for control codes in the import and export of Trimble Feature XML
  • Support for control codes in the import from Trimble Job XML
  • Support for code-based stringing in the import from Leica DBX and Leica FlexLine
  • Support for optional, mandatory and fixed attributes
  • Support for HeXML 1.8
  • Support for extruded planar profiles
  • Support for Japanese Coordinate Systems JGD-1 to JGD-19

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