LISTECH Neo Major Upgrade

We are pleased to release the next major upgrade of LISTECH Neo. This release expands on Neo’s comprehensive functionality with new features such as; import and export of ePlan Victoria LandXML files, colour banding of terrain models by grade and aspect, import of Pix4D XYZ point clouds, preview display of contours and several new creation and examination techniques.

The following new features are now available:

  • Import and export of ePlan Victoria LandXML files including online validation and visualisation
  • Import and export of lookup tables
  • Import of Pix4D XYZ point clouds
  • Import of GENIO files
  • Export to DynAdjust
  • Colour banding of terrain models based on grade and aspect
  • Create by angle and distance with radiation and traversing modes
  • Create by offset intersection
  • Examine angle
  • Select objects by layer
  • Select objects by freehand fence in the 3D view
  • Manual entry of total station measurements
  • New query language features: Set plan symbol, line style and polygon fills and Copy the value of one attribute to another
  • Option to display preview of contours
  • Option to set point cloud distance scaling
  • Support for links as a display unit
  • Support for input of feet and inches including fractions in distance edit controls
  • Support for multi-line text attributes
  • Support for printing colour banding from the plan view
  • Improved network adjustment calculation and reporting
  • Improved import of Leica DBX when there are existing control points in the Neo project
  • Improved rendering of point cloud intensity
  • Improved editing of project attributes
  • Improved status bar by adding coordinate system and unit information

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