LISCAD Major Upgrade

The English (UK) and English (US) release of LISCAD 2018 includes new functionality for automatic subdivision dimensioning, multiple local rotations and scale factors, transformations, point cloud down sampling, and many other enhancements throughout the system.

We’ve added to LISCAD’s already comprehensive functionality with these additional new features and enhancements including;


  • New "Automatic Subdivision Dimensioning" command

Dimension cadastral subdivisions automatically with appropriate bearings and distances, greatly reducing the time to produce required final plans.

  • New "View Edit Line Attributes" command

Simultaneously view and/or edit the attributes of any selected line for easy and fast desired presentation.

  • New "Multiple Local Rotations and Scale factors"

Define and use multiple local bearing datums and distance scale factors. This makes it very easy to view dimensions and compute using bearing datums and distance scale factors matched to any number of different datum surrounding surveys.

  • New "Model by Approximate Offset" command

Create a new model at a desired approximate offset to an existing model.

  • New "Model by Elevation Difference" command

Create a new model at an exact elevation difference to an existing model.

  • Co-ordinate Transformations enhanced

Save and load user computed co-ordinate transformations as .trp files. Store and easily recall previously defined transformations for use in any project. The transformations can also be applied in reverse meaning that only one transformation is needed to transform either way between any two coordinate datums.

  • New "Downsample Scan" command

Downsample point cloud scans to a user specified density.

  • New "Extract Ground Scan" command

Extract ground and non-ground scans controlled by user entered variables.

  • New "Transform Scan" command

Transform point cloud scans using any coordinate transformation.

  • New 3D Creation commands

Create new intersecting points by "3D Line and Plane" or "3D Reference Line and Plane"

  • Projection Transformations enhanced

There is a new option to apply or not apply 3D projection transformations to the elevations.

  • Examine Offset commands enhanced

Examine Offset by Reference Line, Line or Alignment now return the horizontal and vertical offsets as well as the offset grade and offset point elevation.

  • Examine 3D Offset commands enhanced

Examine 3D Offsets to a Reference Line, and Line now also return the horizontal and perpendicular components of the 3D offset.

  • Splay object enhanced

Splay objects typically used in subdivision design can be set to any size as a percentage of the splay distance.

  • Polygon Creation enhanced

Polygon Descriptions can be edited and set to automatically increment while creating polygons by Trace or Mouse Click.

  • Polygon Area Check report enhanced

This QA report may now be sorted by polygon area or polygon description. It also reports subtotal areas by polygon code and warns of any gaps in the polygon description sequence.

  • "Move Point on Line" enhanced

There is a new option to insert the moved point into the line to which it was moved, thereby ensuring that the lines intersect in 3D.

  • Point Comparison by Alignment enhanced

Providing further control over the reported points, the report is now group sensitive such that only points in displayed groups are available to be included in the report.

  • New "Insert Abutting Point" command

Inserts the points that abut lines into the lines they abut. This can be used in conjunction with Filter Lines to produce digital plans with no overlapping lines.

  • "Configure Folders" enhanced

There is a new option to configure your desired location for the licence file.

  • AutoCAD 2018 Exchange

This latest AutoCAD release is supported for Import and CAD Output.

  • MX Exchange enhanced

MX Export of various line types has been enhanced.

  • Field Operation Codes enhanced

Field operation codes have been enhanced for Field Genius and TDS.

  • D-Spec export enhanced

DSPEC export for drainage has been enhanced to support various changes to the DSPEC requirements.

  • e-Plan enhancements

Various enhancements for Australian e-Plan jurisdictions.

  • Other general enhancements throughout the system including but not limited to: Create Text; View/Edit Text; File/Print/Plot;



  • New Extend / Trim function

Linear objects including lines, line strings, arcs and splines may be extended or trimmed to other objects including lines, line strings, arcs, circles, splines, boxes or symbols.

  • Edit Scale enhanced

When rescaling and holding symbol sizes, there is a new option to retain clipping.

  • AutoCAD 2018 Exchange

This latest AutoCAD release is supported for Import and Export.

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