LISTECH Neo Major Upgrade

This update includes the reimagining of object naming that brings the Name attribute to the forefront throughout the application, a new attribute editing command that allows attribute values to be updated in bulk, numerous Query language enhancements including support for polygon selection based on area and the setting of colour of selected objects. Other improvements include the ability to move a vertex, import multiple files in a single operation, create vertices by defining a number of segments, as well as several advances in the quality of both DWG and DGN imports.

The following new features are now available:

  • Improved handling of object names:
  • Global naming configuration
  • Easier editing of names during object creation
  • Easier finding of objects by their name
  • Prominent display of names in Attribute tools and reports
  • Edit controls show names if available and unique ids otherwise
  • New edit attributes command to:
  • Add or remove a prefix or suffix
  • Add an offset
  • Re-number
  • New query language features:
  • Select polygons by area
  • Set object colour
  • Edit attributes by adding or removing a prefix or suffix
  • Edit attributes by adding an offset
  • Edit attributes by re-numbering
  • Create by number of segments
  • Import multiple files at once
  • Vertical axis lock in 3D view
  • Move vertex tool
  • Enhanced AutoCAD DWG/DXF import
  • Enhanced MicroStation DGN import
  • Export of map projection and transformation information to IFC

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