LISTECH Neo Major Upgrade

The latest LISTECH Neo release includes a new point cloud module with automated ground classification and down sampling functionality, as well as two new Xchange modules that enable the import of Topcon Magnet XML and Sokkia SDR file formats. Some of the other new features include support for GNSS measurements and the ability to include them in Least Squares network adjustments, display of Sun shadows, export to 3D PDF format, and greatly improved attribute creation commands.

The following new features are now available:

  • Point cloud support including:
  • Display of point clouds according to point colour, scan colour, intensity, height and classification
  • Ground classification of point clouds
  • Down sampling of point clouds
  • Import and export of point clouds in PTS, LAS/LAZ and E57 formats
  • Import of scan data collected using Leica MS50 / MS60 total stations
  • New and enhanced data exchange including:
  • Export to PDF and 3D PDF
  • Import of Topcon Magnet XML
  • Import of Sokkia SDR
  • Import of files by drag and drop from Windows File Explorer
  • GPS/GNSS measurement data support
  • Option to import closed polylines as polygons from AutoCAD
  • Option to configure default folders for importing and exporting
  • New data creation, editing and examination tools including:
  • Create objects by coordinate differences
  • Edit multiple target heights, instrument heights, reflectors or offset values in a single operation
  • Examine offset to reference plane
  • Examine point scale factor, combined scale factor and grid convergence
  • Improved creation of attributes including a new tool for creating multiple attributes
  • Remove vertices from lines and polygons
  • Enhanced model view including:
  • Display of setups and measurements
  • Display of sun shadows
  • Improved selection in 3D mode
  • Select by tracing along a line
  • Turn off (Hide) layers based on the currently selected objects
  • Enhanced coordinate systems including:
  • Support for south oriented coordinate systems
  • Added the African Hartebeesthoek94, Dubai Local Transverse Mercator, British and Irish National Grid coordinate systems

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