December 2018 LISTECH Neo Upgrade

We are pleased to announce the release of a major upgrade to LISTECH Neo. This release continues the trend of expanding and improving Neo’s already comprehensive functionality with new features like the import of native GeoCivil files, the export of GENIO files and the inclusion of several new object creation methods. Based on user feedback, we have made significant improvements to Neo's layer group functionality, many of our data import and export formats, as well as enhancements to numerous other commands.

December 3, 2018

The following new features are now available:

  • Import of GeoCivil files
  • Export to GENIO
  • Multi layer group support
  • Create by distance and offset intersection
  • Create distance and bearing annotations between two vertices
  • Option to export to AutoCAD as 2D
  • Option to import meshes from MicroStation as terrain models
  • Improved ePlan Victoria import/export and updated the template
  • Improved the Modify / Rotate command by allowing input of bearings
  • Improved the Create Line by Best Fit command by allowing the bearing to be constrained
  • Improved layering of data during import from IFC
  • Improved creation of grouped attributes
  • Improved LISCAD CAD import and export
  • Improved AutoCAD DWG import and export
  • Improved MicroStation DGN import and export
  • Improved support for high DPI monitors

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