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LISTECH Professional Services can develop powerful, one-of-a-kind software solutions designed to your unique requirements. With more than thirty years experience in software development, our skilled specialists deliver successful solutions that accord with specified requirements while staying within time and budget limits.

Along with software design and development, we also provide additional professional services including;

Process Audit: Improve your existing workflows. We provide an independent review of your survey, civil and spatial workflows to determine areas that can be optimised. We will help you implement solutions for your business to provide ways to improve your organisation’s performance.

Custom Software Development: We will design, develop and test custom software solutions. We will develop solutions to solve your specific business problems in a streamlined and efficient way.

Style Sheet Development: We will develop style sheets that make working with XML data simpler, more efficient and insightful.

Advanced Technical Training: Working with you, our primary focus is to deliver customised technical training that is relevant to your unique business needs and training requirements. We are experienced with working with small to large organisations and developing customised LISTECH training solutions.

Data Migration Services: We help migrate your data successfully to different systems or formats. Our specialists will ensure that your data is always accounted for and correctly migrated to your new platform.

Past Projects

Following is a sample of what we have developed previously:

Leica Geosystems Onboard Applications
  • Forward Station: Application for efficiently observing forward control stations typically used in tunnelling environments.
  • Custom Format File Export: Application that adds a string number attribute to points associated with lines and exports using the “ASCII with format file” export.
  • Survey Uncertainties: Determines if GNSS observations meet the requirements of the Queensland cadastral survey regulations.
Style Sheet Development
  • GNSS Vector Report
  • Tunnel Report
  • Coordinate System Report
  • HEC-RAS Export
  • ALPS - Automated Laser Profile System
Windows Mobile
  • Movement monitoring software

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Our team of experts are constantly looking for exciting new challenges and would love to hear from you.
Our team of experts are constantly looking for exciting new challenges and would love to hear from you.