March 2019 Upgrade for LISTECH Neo

This upgrade contains many user requested features including rules based annotating of plans, filtering of point, line, polygon and text objects, image brightness control, splay creation, angle text creation, numerous network adjustment improvements, support for the latest A-SPEC specifications, import and export of SketchUp files, as well as enhancements to numerous other commands throughout the software.

The following new features are now available:

  • Import and export of SketchUp files
  • Rules for creation of text to enable annotating a plan with a single command
  • Insert splays into lines and polygons
  • Filtering of points, lines, polygons and texts
  • Image brightness option to improve visibility of symbols and linework overlayed on images
  • Creation of layer text objects for points, lines, polygons and shapes
  • Creation of angle text objects for lines and polygons
  • Creation of bearing and distance text objects for polygons
  • Option to create an attribute with the measurement date when importing points from Leica DBX and Trimble JXL
  • Option to not import images from Leica DBX, Trimble JXL, HeXML and LISCAD SEE
  • Option to set the Code Table and Parameter File when exporting to LISCAD SEE
  • Improved configuration, reporting and visualisation of network adjustments including error ellipses
  • Improved creation of text to avoid duplicates
  • Improved ePlan Victoria export processing and validation reporting
  • Updated D-Spec, O-Spec and R-Spec to the latest versions and combined them into a single A-Spec template and export

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