December 2019 Upgrade for LISTECH Neo

We are pleased to announce the next major upgrade to LISTECH Neo. This upgrade includes support for digital level measurement processing and adjustment, a traffic light system for measurement status, selective processing and adjustment of measurements, the ability to lock layers, insert a vertex into an object, selection of terrain model faces, masked text, the import of AutoCAD Blocks and MicroStation Cells as plan symbols, as well as numerous other enhancements throughout the software.

We continue to expand and improve Neo’s already comprehensive functionality with new features and enhancements including;

  • Option to lock layers to prevent modification of data
  • Option to define multiple named local rotations and scale factors
  • Option to apply scaling to horizontal coordinates only
  • Option to set a solid background for text to mask items behind
  • Option to import AutoCAD Blocks and MicroStation Cells as plan symbols
  • Option to merge terrain models when importing from AutoCAD
  • Extending and trimming of lines in 2D and 3D
  • Insert vertex into line and polygon
  • Delete vertex from line, polygon and terrain model
  • Convert lines and polygons to straights
  • Processing and adjustment of level data
  • Enhanced measurement processing options and reporting
  • Selective processing of measurements
  • Traffic light system indicating the status of measurements
  • Import of Leica LS XML files
  • Import of Leica LS/DNA GSI files
  • Import of Leica Sprinter ASCII files
  • Import of Trimble DiNi DAT files
  • Export of string number attributes to Leica DBX codelists
  • Support for exporting longer codes to Leica Captivate versions later than v2.3
  • Combined join lines and join polygons commands
  • Combined break line and break polygon commands
  • Combined convert line to spline and polygon to spline commands
  • Model view now defaults to Single Select mode when no other tool is active
  • Selection of terrain model faces to enable more efficient editing
  • Selection of all objects on specific layer(s)
  • Query language enhanced to update the height of text objects using the value of the text
  • Improvements to the Mid Azimuth and Angles Reports
  • Automatic licence fallback if dongle not found

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