March 2020 Upgrade For LISTECH Neo

LISTECH is pleased to announce the March 2020 release of LISTECH Neo. This major upgrade includes the separation of selection and object picking for a smoother more intuitive workflow, the ability to use the right--mouse button to tentatively pick objects, support for the import of GeoMax X-PAD Raw format files, the ability to post process features codes to create linework, a new subdivision check report, user requested additions to the Query language, as well as numerous other enhancements throughout the software.

We continue to expand and improve Neo’s functionality with new features and enhancements including:

  • Separated selection and picking
  • Subdivision area check report
  • Import of GeoMax X-PAD Raw
  • Post processing of feature codes
  • Support for LISCAD 2020
  • Support for NTv2 format geoid models
  • Option to use right mouse button for tentative selection and picking
  • Option to always show the import/export report
  • Improved import from GeoCivil to get tree trunk and spread from colocated circles
  • Improved performance of point cloud rendering
  • Enhanced query language to select by plan symbols, plan symbol dimensions, line styles, line width, hatching and colour
  • Enhanced Examine Coordinate tool to show ellipsoidal height if a geoid model is available
  • Enhanced import from buildingSMART IFC to support IfcPolygonalFaceSet and IfcIndexedPolyCurve
  • Enhanced export to GENIO to support points on non-point layers
  • Added projection, coordinate system and transformation for PCG2020

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