September 2022 Release of LISTECH Neo

LISTECH Neo latest release is now available.

We are pleased to announce the September 2022 release of LISTECH Neo, the next generation surveying, engineering, and geospatial software. This release includes numerous new features, improvements to existing functionality, and engineering fixes to make Neo even better. Some of these improvements include:

  • Added various modify tools to CAD including Scale, Rotate, Extend, Trim, Convert, Insert Gap, Offset and Mirror
  • Added the Create Point by Object Intersection tool to create points where lines/pipes intersect other lines, pipes, polygons or shapes
  • Added the Create Point by Tangent tool to create a point where a tangent line touches a circular arc
  • Added the Modify by Snap Vertex tool to move vertices/objects onto lines/polygons in 2D
  • Added support for the 3Dconnexion Space Mouse
  • Added an option for layers to be displayed in the view but not plotted/printed
  • Added an option for polygons to be coloured by the background so that they can be used as wipeouts in drawings
  • Added an option for backward text to better support mirroring
  • Added an option to set a layer group that layers created when importing point clouds will be placed in
  • Added an Orientate to Drawing option to allow Points, Blocks and Text displayed in a viewport to rotate relative to the drawing rather than the model
  • Added accelerator keys for toggling point name (F7), point layer (F8) and height (F9) labels in the model view
  • Enhanced the Layer tool filter with new options to support block definitions, drawings and drawing templates
  • Enhanced the Attributes tool to make editing text more efficient
  • Enhanced the Examine Offset to Line/Reference Line commands to include the grade
  • Enhanced the Examine Bearing and Distance command to include the height difference
  • Enhanced the Modify by Extend/Trim command to support circular arcs
  • Enhanced the Modify by Filter command to optionally consider point symbols
  • Enhanced the Modify by Mirror command to rotate and flip blocks, text and images
  • Enhanced the Modify by Insert Vertex command to optionally break the line/pipe at the insertion vertex
  • Enhanced the Modify by Extend/Trim command to support point symbols, blocks and images
  • Enhanced the Paste and Move Object commands to show text and outlines of symbols, lines, polygons etc.
  • Enhanced the Move Vertex command to only move in 2D if the shift key is used
  • Enhanced the Move Up and Move Down buttons to enable the shift key to move the selected item to the top/bottom
  • Enhanced the Manage Text Styles dialog to allow cloning of text styles
  • Enhanced the Leica DBX import to support tilt pole metadata and to allow the local geoid model to be used if one was not set on the controller
  • Enhanced the HeXML import/export to support version 2.0 including tilt pole metadata
  • Enhanced the 12d Archive import/export to support shapes
  • Enhanced the MicroStation export to optionally output plan symbols and blocks as annotation cells rather than shared cells
  • Enhanced the MicroStation import to optionally merge terrain models
  • Enhanced the buildingSmart IFC import/export to support version IFC4X1
  • Enhanced the A-Spec export to support both points and polygons for Cond_Pits, Pits and HEWalls
  • Enhanced the text in CAD to include properties for the maximum drawing and sheet numbers
  • Enhanced the drawing views to show a dot if no plan symbol is set
  • Enhanced the Vertex, Distance/Offset, Direction/Rotation edit controls to accept freehand input when holding down the Ctrl key in the Plan view
  • Enhanced the Vertex, Distance/Offset, Direction/Rotation edit controls to accept picking from objects under construction
  • Changed the terminology regarding drawing sets and numbers

In addition, various other improvements and optimisations have been made throughout the system.


Getting the Neo September 2022 Release

Neo licences that are on LISTECH Cover or have a Leica Geosystems Customer Care Package (CCP) with an expiry date of September 1, 2022 or later, can download, install, and run this release via the downloads section of the LISTECH Neo product page.

To find out more about LISTECH Cover visit the LISTECH Cover page or request a quotation via the LISTECH Cover Quote form. For further information please contact us via one of the methods detailed on our Contact Us page.

Note: The LISTECH Update Service installed with Neo should automatically keep your software up to date. You can check your currently installed version in the File / About dialog in Neo.

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Contact us for sales and support, information or to simply request a call back