December 2022 Release of LISTECH Neo

LISTECH Neo latest release is now available.

We are pleased to announce the December 2022 release of LISTECH Neo, the next generation surveying, engineering, and geospatial software. This release includes numerous new features, improvements to existing functionality, and engineering fixes to make Neo even better. Some of these improvements include:

  • Added text for showing the grade of lines, polygons, pipes and between vertices
  • Added viewport and printing support for the transparency effect
  • Added an option to scale blocks uniformly
  • Added an option to validate data before terrain model creation
  • Added an option to create 2D user coordinate systems
  • Added an option to select linked point clouds
  • Added a keyboard shortcut Ctrl+R to remove the last segment under construction and removed some rarely used keyboard shortcuts
  • Replaced the Modify Interpolate Height from Terrain Model tool with a more flexible Modify Height tool
  • Enhanced the Modify Rotate command to allow rotation about a custom axis
  • Enhanced the Modify Snap Vertex command to optionally snap to a reference line
  • Enhanced the Modify Insert Vertex command to convert two point arcs to three point arcs rather than adding an additional arc
  • Enhanced the Attributes tool to show more detailed information about dynamic text
  • Enhanced the Attributes tool to show chord bearings for arcs
  • Enhanced the Leica LS/DNA GSI and Trimble DiNi DAT imports to optionally adopt existing points and rename points
  • Enhanced the Trimble JXL import to create point attributes for notes taken in the field
  • Enhanced the 12d Archive export to optionally use points for string vertex attributes
  • Enhanced the ePlan Victoria import to support the new Digital Cadastral Modernisation Project format and changed layer naming convention
  • Enhanced the coordinate system transformation to migrate datum transformations used by georeferenced images and image services
  • Enhanced the query language to support:
    • Wildcards for layer names
    • Setting layer visibility by group name and for the active layer
    • Updating text attributes using numerical properties
  • Enhanced distance text to support 3D distances
  • Enhanced the viewport layer override to include text background colour and changed text colour to not invert if it has a background
  • Changed terrain model creation to ignore all breaklines that contain a vertex with default height

In addition, various other improvements and optimisations have been made throughout the system.


Getting the Neo December 2022 Release

Neo licences that are on LISTECH Cover or have a Leica Geosystems Customer Care Package (CCP) with an expiry date of December 1, 2022 or later, can download, install, and run this release via the downloads section of the LISTECH Neo product page.

To find out more about LISTECH Cover visit the LISTECH Cover page or request a quotation via the LISTECH Cover Quote form. For further information please contact us via one of the methods detailed on our Contact Us page.

Note: The LISTECH Update Service installed with Neo should automatically keep your software up to date. You can check your currently installed version in the File / About dialog in Neo.

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Contact us for sales and support, information or to simply request a call back