March 2023 Release of LISTECH Neo

LISTECH Neo latest release is now available.

We are pleased to announce the March 2023 release of LISTECH Neo, the next generation surveying, engineering, and geospatial software. This release includes numerous new features, improvements to existing functionality, and engineering fixes to make Neo even better. Some of these improvements include:

  • Added source information for imported objects and the ability to select by source
  • Added the Modify Delete Segment tool to delete segments from lines, including an option to break the line
  • Added an option to exclude objects and layers from being used in terrain model creation
  • Added an option to use a local origin and combined scale factor to export ground distances to DWG, DXF and DGN
  • Added an option to calculate heights from a terrain model when creating parallel lines
  • Added an option to automatically segment lines during creation and code processing
  • Added an option to not update dynamic text to allow for distortions to be applied
  • Added an option to filter points in lines and polygons
  • Added an option to create static text by existing vertex
  • Added an option for literal text in CAD
  • Added a show all layers command to quickly turn on all layers regardless of the currently configured layer filter
  • Enhanced the measurement processing:
    • Added an option to do a 2D network adjustment
    • Added an option to apply sea level corrections
    • Added support for bearing and azimuth constraints
    • Improved network adjustment when using a plane coordinate system
  • Enhanced the query language to support:
    • Pipe diameters
    • Combining properties and attributes
  • Enhanced text creation to consider the active user coordinate system for rotation and offset
  • Enhanced the select tool to make it work as both single select and rectangle select
  • Enhanced the comparison reports with additional columns
  • Enhanced the import and export of KML/KMZ to support typed attributes
  • Enhanced the import of geographic coordinates to skip data outside the projection rather than fail the import
  • Enhanced the D-Spec export to compute the pit 'Depth' attribute from the difference between the 'FSL' and the 'US_IL' of the outlet pipe for the pit and to insert segments to link pipes to pit centres
  • Enhanced the edit measurement dialogs to allow editing the Included status
  • Enhanced the name controls to allowing picking from existing objects
  • Improved print quality

In addition, various other improvements and optimisations have been made throughout the system.


Getting the Neo March 2023 Release

Neo licences that are on LISTECH Cover or have a Leica Geosystems Customer Care Package (CCP) with an expiry date of March 1, 2023 or later, can download, install, and run this release via the downloads section of the LISTECH Neo product page.

To find out more about LISTECH Cover visit the LISTECH Cover page or request a quotation via the LISTECH Cover Quote form. For further information please contact us via one of the methods detailed on our Contact Us page.

Note: The LISTECH Update Service installed with Neo should automatically keep your software up to date. You can check your currently installed version in the File / About dialog in Neo.

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Contact us for sales and support, information or to simply request a call back