June 2023 Release of LISTECH Neo

LISTECH Neo latest release is now available.

We are pleased to announce the June 2023 release of LISTECH Neo, the next generation surveying, engineering, and geospatial software. This release includes numerous new features, improvements to existing functionality, and engineering fixes to make Neo even better. Some of these improvements include:

  • Added support for Melbourne Retail Water Agencies (MRWA) as constructed sewer and water submissions
  • Added support for the A-SPEC 2023 update
  • Added the Create Terrain Model by Merge Terrain Models tool to create a terrain model by merging two existing terrain models
  • Added the Create Point by Grade and Height tool to create points along a 3D reference line at a defined height
  • Added the Modify Snap Bearing tool to make lines parallel/orthogonal to a reference line
  • Added the Modify Rotation tool to set the rotation of points, blocks, text and images to be parallel/orthogonal to a reference line
  • Added the Import Configuration tool to selectively import layers, plan symbols, block definitions, lookup tables, text styles, text rules, coordinate systems and more from another Neo project
  • Added the Move Layer command to move the selected objects to the active layer
  • Added the Apply Layer command to apply the layer properties to the selected objects
  • Added an option to show thumbnails for objects that have image attributes
  • Added an option to merge multiple drawing view print jobs into a single print job
  • Added an option for per layer transparency
  • Added an option to report residuals for resections
  • Added an option to report details of averaged measurements used in the network adjustment
  • Added an option to report height checks when validating/processing measurements
  • Added options to show the title, border, north arrow and scale bar in the model view print
  • Added the ability to export georeferenced images and images created from image services
  • Added the name of the active licence to the start page and the Info page
  • Enhanced the import reports to summarise total station setups to aid quality control
  • Enhanced the volume to base plane and volume between terrain models commands to optionally use a boundary polygon
  • Enhanced the creation of offset text to optionally allow extrapolation of the line
  • Enhanced the resection calculation to make it more resilient to outliers
  • Enhanced the Move Vertex command to optionally merge the vertices to create topology
  • Enhanced the Create Point by Number of Segments to optionally use a line object instead of a reference line
  • Enhanced the Create Point/Line by Line Offset to optionally extrapolate the line
  • Enhanced the Create Block tools to allow the rotation to be set
  • Enhanced the Create Terrain Model, Point Cloud, Image Service and Georeference Image tools to optionally create a layer based on the object name rather than use the active layer
  • Enhanced the Examine Bearing and Distance, Coordinate Difference, and Grade tools to optionally use a reference line
  • Enhanced the Set Coordinate System tool to automatically re-project coordinates without the need to configure a null transformation and to confirm what change is being made to the coordinates
  • Enhanced the file recovery to detect improperly closed files immediately when Neo is started
  • Enhanced the attribute reports to optionally use attribute friendly names instead of attribute values
  • Enhanced the attributes tool to show volumes for extruded profiles, closed face sets, pipes, cylinders, reducers, elbows, spheres and tori
  • Enhanced the Paste to Original Location command to confirm the action if the source and destination coordinate systems do not match
  • Changed the behaviour of point selection to make it easier to select overlapping objects

In addition, various other improvements and optimisations have been made throughout the system.


Getting the Neo June 2023 Release

Neo licences that are on LISTECH Cover or have a Leica Geosystems Customer Care Package (CCP) with an expiry date of June 1, 2023 or later, can download, install, and run this release via the downloads section of the LISTECH Neo product page.

To find out more about LISTECH Cover visit the LISTECH Cover page or request a quotation via the LISTECH Cover Quote form. For further information please contact us via one of the methods detailed on our Contact Us page.

Note: The LISTECH Update Service installed with Neo should automatically keep your software up to date. You can check your currently installed version in the File / About dialog in Neo.

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Contact us for sales and support, information or to simply request a call back