September 2023 Release of LISTECH Neo

LISTECH Neo latest release is now available.

We are pleased to announce the September 2023 release of LISTECH Neo, the next generation surveying, engineering, and geospatial software. This release includes numerous new features, improvements to existing functionality, and engineering fixes to make Neo even better. Some of these improvements include:

  • Added support for Web Feature Services (WFS)
  • Added import and export of GeoJSON
  • Added the ability to set a default licence
  • Added the ability to create and delete system attributes
  • Enhanced the Modify Scale command to optionally compute the scale factor using a reference line and a distance
  • Enhanced the contour creation to allow separate layers to be used for major and minor contours
  • Enhanced the splay creation to support multi-segment splays
  • Enhanced the text formatting to support custom character spacing and renamed the previous option to width factor
  • Enhanced the distance, grade and combined text styles to allow them to optionally apply to individual segments or whole lines
  • Enhanced the grade text style to support different rounding and truncation depending on the magnitude of the grade
  • Enhanced the layer isolate tool to change the active layer to one that is visible after isolating
  • Enhanced the Create by Best Fit commands to allow objects in reference files to be used
  • Enhanced the measurements view to allow editing multiple level measurements at once
  • Enhanced the Import Configuration command to support drawing templates
  • Enhanced the printing of drawings to allow sheet sets to be merged
  • Enhanced the editing of viewport layer display overrides
  • Enhanced the locking of viewports to disconnect layer visibility from the model
  • Enhanced the point comparison reports to include optional tolerance checks
  • Enhanced the coordinate system to allow the datum to be edited and ensured it is included in PRJ files
  • Enhanced the query language to support selecting and editing point symbol units
  • Enhanced the IFC export to support blocks and produce smaller files
  • Enhanced the A-Spec export to copy any images with names matching Photo_ref attributes to the output folder
  • Enhanced the ribbon to switch to an appropriate category when a model, drawing or measurement view is activated

In addition, various other improvements and optimisations have been made throughout the system.


Getting the Neo September 2023 Release

Neo licences that are on LISTECH Cover or have a Leica Geosystems Customer Care Package (CCP) with an expiry date of September 1, 2023 or later, can download, install, and run this release via the downloads section of the LISTECH Neo product page.

To find out more about LISTECH Cover visit the LISTECH Cover page or request a quotation via the LISTECH Cover Quote form. For further information please contact us via one of the methods detailed on our Contact Us page.

Note: The LISTECH Update Service installed with Neo should automatically keep your software up to date. You can check your currently installed version in the File / About dialog in Neo.

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Contact us for sales and support, information or to simply request a call back