Configure LISCAD to Work with Other NetSentinel Protected Applications

This article provides information on how to configure LISCAD and the NetSentinel service to operate with other software applications protected.

Last updated: December 27, 2019
Article ID: K0107

The information in this article applies to:

  • LISCAD SEE versions 6.x & later
  • LISCAD CAD versions 6.x & later
  • LISCAD Resource Editor versions 6.x & later
  • LISCAD Lite versions 6.x & later


This article provides information on how to configure LISCAD and the NetSentinel service to operate with other software applications protected using the same NetSentinel hardware key.


When LISCAD is protected by a NetSentinel hardware key that also contains network licenses for similarly protected software (e.g. Leica SKI Pro, Leica Geo Office etc.) then the other applications will not run after installing the LISCAD Network driver installation package.

The sections below contain details on the configuration changes required so that all applications will run.

Description of the problem

To facilitate the logical partitioning of an organisation’s licences, a ‘Department Name’ can be specified for the NetSentinel service, the protected applications specify which department name they want to obtain their licence from.

When an installation of the standard NetSentinel network drivers is performed on the server, the department name is set to the default value of ‘NETINEL’, whereas when a LISCAD network driver installation is performed on the server the default department name is set to ‘LISCAD’.

After installing the LISCAD network driver installation on the server, LISCAD clients will run, but the other applications protected by the same NetSentinel hardware key will not. This is because the department name used by the other applications doesn’t match that of the server.

Correction of the problem

As the problem description indicates, a conflict arises from different default department names used by the protected applications. To fix the problem you need to change the server and the protected applications to ensure they all use the same department name.

Software like Leica SKI-Pro and Leica Geo Office use the default department name and cannot be configured to use a different one. Therefore, the department name used by LISCAD must be set to ’NETINEL’ on both the server and clients.

Refer to knowledge base article Configuring LISCAD Startup With the ‘Security.ini’ File for full details on the ‘Security.ini’ file.

It is recommended to stop and restart the NetSentinel service on the server and restart LISCAD on the clients after the changes have been made.

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