LISCAD and High-Resolution Displays

Last updated: May 12, 2021
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The information in this article applies to:

  • LISCAD SEE version 10.x and later


High resolution monitors (those with very small pixels) are now available in the market and are becoming common in laptops and tablets. Later versions of Windows (Windows 8 or later) have native support for these monitors and can scale up the application to make the user interface bigger. This can only be done properly if the application is fully DPI aware.

LISCAD is not fully DPI aware and assumes that all displays have a resolution of 96dpi. Windows will scale the menus and most dialogs in LISCAD well, but not the toolbars, raster components, or custom controls (e.g. the grid view) of the user interface.


1. Reports Output


When displaying a LISCAD report the size of the characters or their appearance are “blocky”.


Remove the following registry value or change the value from "Courier" to "Courier New" using the Registry Editor.


2. Graphics Screen


  • Text is too big, as are symbols and point crosses.
  • The toolbar attribute descriptions are cut off when there is space to the right.
  • Sometimes the toolbar icons are grey and hence unreadable.


Due to the differences in how various versions of Windows and monitors deal with scale, one of the features of LISCAD is to allow you to control the monitor scale factor.

The drawing size of objects on the screen can be adjusted via the following registry value:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\LISTECH\LISCAD\Release\MonitorScaleFactor (default = 1.0)

If your monitor is not displaying symbols or text at the correct size, you can adjust this setting accordingly.

An easy way to compute the required value is to place a point with the box symbol set to plan units and dimensions 1 and 2 as 100mm. Measure the box dimensions with a ruler on the screen. If the box is only 80mm wide when the scale factor is set to 1.0, then the scale factor should be changed to 1.25 (e.g. 100/80).

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